New Products at Bella Bath & Body Boutique

A little bird told me (or, you know, just a friendly email from the co-owner) that our favorite and only! organic Bronx body product boutique has gotten in some fancy new products!

From Bella Bath and Body Boutique:

Hugo Naturals
Their passion is to enhance peoples’ lives by creating amazing products made from the best raw materials that the Earth can sustainably give.  We currently carry their Bar soaps, Shower Gels and All-Over Body lotions.  Some of the fun scents, include Mexican Lime & Bergamot, Oatmeal & Shea, French Lavender and much more. 
Canterbury Soaps
All of these soaps are made naturally in the state of Iowa using a base of palm, coconut, olive oil and pure essential oils. Colorants are either an herb or a natural clay colorant. These soaps are all-vegetable based and none are ever tested on animals.  We carry their entire collection of over 20 bar soaps.  Some of the scents include, French Lavender, Lavender & Tea Tree Oil, Earl Grey and Doublemint. 
So, if you haven’t already gone to Bella, you’re missing out. And if you missed my post on my first visit to the boutique, you can check it out here. You’re welcome.

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