Bronx Bakery Represents at BMW Guggenheim Lab

Yesterday, I headed downtown to The Blk Projek’s Bronx Grub Goes Chic event at the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Unfortunately, I missed the bio-bus leaving from Intervale (I would love it if someone had some pics of the bus!), but I made up for it by having  taste of almost everything there.

Among the eateries and organizations serving up  samples were Harlem Seeds, Inc., Babycakes NYC , and the Bronx-based NattyKakes (located at 2390 Hoffman St.).

I was so glad that NattyKakes was there, I had expected more Bronx restaurants to be participating. At their table, they had mini red velvet cupcakes [Sidebar: I’m usually not really a fan of red velvet cupcakes, but I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing their cupcakes were. Amazing. Crumbs who?]  and peach cobbler.

It’s nice to see more Bronx bakeries make names for themselves (see: Land of Cake Believe and Craving 4 Cupcakes) and I vow to try them all. For research purposes of course. Totally.

Check out some pics from yesterday’s event below!

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