The Bronx is Beautiful Art Exhibition at Gun Hill Brewery Sept. 10

Check out the flier below for information about an upcoming art exhibition at Gun Hill Brewery including art from one of my super talented friends from elementary school AND the master behind my Super Mario star tattoo, Shak. The exhibit will feature work inspired by the Bronx and of course the always amazing Gun Hill Brewery will be serving up refreshments.


Perfect Beach Day

Having spent two weeks in South Africa, where it is currently winter (though of course nothing like the brutal winter we experience here), I came back feeling like my NYC summer was slipping through my fingers. Where did all the time go?! Remember that Bronx summer bucket list I made?  I’m maybe only half way through and yesterday was the first time I made it to Orchard Beach this summer! This is partially because making the trek from Bedford Park to the beach on the bus is daunting (though, it’s honestly not that bad) compared to being able to get there in 20 minutes from Castle Hill.

Anyway, I finally made it. It was the perfect temperature, there was a nice breeze, and I was able to get some writing done. Win win win.

What I love about the beach is that it’s the perfect broke person activity. Bring whatever you have at home and you are all set. No need to spend any money (unless you happened to be tempted to buy a nutcracker, but even so, you could probably just make your own…but like, you wouldn’t, because you would NEVER drink alcohol on the beach, right?)


beach 2

Snacks from home

beach 3

Entertainment – if you don’t know about Catstax, you’re missing out!


Imagining a South Bronx Version of MTV’s Cribs

One of the very few things that could motivate me to clean my room as a teenager was the dream that someday, somehow I could be on MTV Cribs. I had all kinds of scenarios in which I would lead the camera crew through my house and to my bedroom, “where the magic happens.” (Though, tbh, the only magical thing happening there was the 14-hour slumbers I was able to pull off. Ah, to be 16.)

So, I’ll never get to be on MTV Cribs, since it’s no longer on (yes, that’s the reason) but a really cool project from ID Studio Theater here in the Bronx is giving some South Bronx residents a chance to show off their homes as part of the “Mott Haven Home Movies: South Bronx Cribs” project.

The idea behind the project is to teach residents to shoot and edit their own episode of “Cribs” to show what living in the South Bronx means to them. This is so so so important in the face of the battle we must fight against gentrification and the displacement of Bronx residents.

Currently, funds are being raised to supplement the grant the project received from the Bronx Council on the Arts. To read more about the project and/or donate, click here. 

***Please note that the project is not affiliated with MTV Cribs.***


A Lazy Summer Afternoon at Poe Park Greenmarket

As a teacher, I spend 10 months counting down until summer – when I can wake up whenever I want and do whatever I want! The problem is that when the temperature is over 85, it turns out that all I really want to do is sit on my couch in my pajamas and watch Netflix (FYI currently in heavy rotation are: Stranger Things, Mad Men, and Gilmore Girls.) In addition to dedicating time to writing, I try to do one productive thing a day. Yesterday, that was getting rid of 2 of the 3 bags I’ve had sitting in the corner of my room for months for textile recycling.

If you’re unfamiliar, textile recycling is how you can get rid of your old clothes and linens in an eco-friendly way. These are items that are just so far gone that they can’t be donated to a thrift shop. According to GrowNYC, 193,000 TONS of textiles end up landfills every year. I cannot imagine 193,000 tons of anything, let alone clothes just sitting in a heap of garbage.

BUT, here was dilemma – I was soon comfortable chilling in my pajamas! Plus, I had had not one, but TWO breakfast failures (#1 baked egg boat and #2 avocado toast…can’t leave out an avocado in this weather for more than a day without it going bad!) so how could I possibly venture outside to drop off the clothes?! What’s another week? Well, Fiancee convinced me to get my lazy self outside and so I did and it was painless.


Once I was there, I took in the aromas of fresh cilantro and onions and pondered (a bit too long) on whether or not I needed another jar of honey. In the end, I decided on a blueberry crumb pie from Francesca’s Bakery. Not a bounty of fruits and vegetables, but a pie.



Crotona Park Photowalk Recap

Last week, Bronx Narratives, Dandy in the Bronx, and I teamed up for the Crotona Park Photowalk. This is the third photowalk Bronx Narratives has hosted and I was so glad to be a part of this one!

Though gray clouds loomed overhead, there was a sense of camaraderie and good vibes radiating from the group. I don’t consider myself a photographer and didn’t have custody of the camera this weekend, but it was so amazing to see the shots the participants took as we explored the park.

We visited Indian Lake, stopped by the playground, and even had a jump rope and frisbee contest. To see some of the amazing photos captured during our walk check out #crotonaparkwalk on Instagram. Even better, we’ll soon be announcing winners for the best photos taken during the walk! Prizes from Frank and Oak and Timberland are up for grabs so stay tuned.

Below are some photos from the walk I captured on IG.

Crew love #crotonaparkwalk #Bronx #nyc #outdoors #thisisthebronx #howwebronx #photography

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The weigh in @dandyinthebronx vs. @theekatsmeoww #Bronx #thisisthebronx #howibronx #nyc

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@projectbronx dominating the monkey bars #crotonaparkwalk #Bronx #outdoors #nyc #thisisthebronx

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