Silent Disco Comes to the Bronx August 30th

I can’t event tell you how many full choreographed dances I have done in the privacy of my home throughout my life. There’s just something about jamming out with the music on full blast in your headphones. Maybe you’ll break out some of your awesome moves at Lincoln Center Local’s upcoming Silent Disco in Woodlawn Cemetery. Now, if your first thought was ‘Um, literally dancing on people’s graves, though?’ don’t fret. Woodlawn Cemetery has lots of beautiful green space that’s not over anyone’s dead body. I promise.

For those who are unfamiliar, a silent disco is a dance party, but instead of music blaring out of stereos, it’s blaring out of individual headphones and partygoers have the option to listen to different stations. So everyone is literally dancing to the beat of a different drummer.

Here are the details:

Where:  Woodlawn Cemetery (Fairview Lawn)  Jerome Avenue Entrance, Jerome Avenue and Bainbridge Avenue

Closest subway: 4 at Woodlawn

When: Sunday, August 30, 2015; Doors open at 4 pm

Cost: FREE

Other Things to Note: No bags are allowed on the dance floor, so leave them at home.

No alcohol is allowed, so keep your flasks and to go bottles at home.

While headphones are free to borrow, you need an ID or credit card to borrow them.

BronxNoise Festival Showcases Independent Music

This Saturday, the BronxNoise Music Festival was held at the Andrew Freedman Home. Featuring singers and musicians from all over, the space was filled with support and appreciation for everyone’s (AMAZING!) talents. It was such a beautiful sight to see and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night right here in the Bronx. Shout out to Yurby for putting it together!

Below are just a few pictures I took during the show:

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Happy Hours on Happy Hours

This week I found myself at two beautiful Bronx bars for happy hour.

Tuesday, I met up with a friend to catch up at Pine Bar & Grill on Eastchester Rd. Every time I come here and see the elegant decor, I always wonder why I don’t come here more often. They have a really great rooftop as well, perfect for enjoying a cocktail on a summer night. But, alas, it wasn’t open when we were there. We ordered the mango mojitos, which were delicious and not too minty. My friend ordered the fish tacos, while I had the Po’ Boy pulled pork sliders. Both of our dishes were flavorful and affordable, my favorite combination.


Last night, I caught up with another friend and we decided to check out the newest bar in Norwood, Lexa Bar.  With exposed brick walls, the wall adorned with the names of Bronx neighborhoods, I think I’ve finally found my local go-to bar. The bartender was super sweet and attentive. We started off with mojitos (….lot of mojitos this week!) which are $5 on Thursdays and ordered cheeseburgers. To be honest, I didn’t love the burger as it was a bit too salty, but they have a bunch of other items on their menu I’d love to try, from flatbread pizzas to salads and wraps. Best of all, I was able to stroll back home in ten minutes.


Traversing High Bridge

When I got home from the High Bridge Festival, I was ready to knock out. I went solo – sometimes I just like to take myself places because it’s nice to just take an experience in for what it is and not be so ready to comment on it to someone else. Anyway, this was one of those times it was nice to just observe and take everything in – people of all ages, walking across the bridge, in awe of the view, which is, not your typical New York City view, but beautiful in its own way.

My grandfather lives on the Lower East Side and ever since I was a youngin’, I’d marvel at the city lights and his view of the Empire State Building and the Twin Towers – the view from the bridge is enchanting, in that you can’t stop staring, but in a much grittier way.

I’ll just show you what I mean and stop waxing philosophical out here:

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The Bronx’s waterfront still needs our help, advocacy, and support – just ask South Bronx Unite. But let’s be grateful for this step that has reconnected the Bronx and Manhattan for the first time (to the public anyway) in 45 years.

Check Out the Art Experience Happening at Gun Hill Brewery This Saturday!

This Saturday, July 25th, Silence is Accurate, an art platform that “narrates the journeys of New York’s emerging and mid-career artists,” is teaming up with Gun Hill Brewery for an Art Experience. The Experience will feature a collaboration between five local artists and 13 local brewers. The coolest part of this event is that the artists have created 30 original prints exclusively for this event AND that the brewers will be creating limited brews that will be judged by a panel (2 certified beer judges, 2 bar owners/managers, and 2 members of the Gun Hill team).

So if you like art or beer or BOTH come by this Saturday!

The Details: 

Location: Gun Hill Brewery, 3227 Laconia Ave.

Time: 4- 8 pm

Cost: FREE!

Brunch at Bronx Ale House

It was crazy hot today, you guys. My friends and I played our 5th annual kickball game in Van Cortlandt Park and I thought I was going to melt. :( Luckily, I knew that Bronx Ale House was not too far and we headed there to recharge. I had no concept of time, so I didn’t realize it was still brunch time – much to my delight.

My friend and I shared the smoked brisket hash and the braised pork. The brisket came with eggs and was shredded with potatoes and vegetables. The braised pork also came with eggs, cheddar toast and potatoes.

bxale1 bxale2

This Sunday, 7/19 – Learn about the Bronx’s Jewish Roots at the Bronx Music Heritage Center

This Sunday, July 19, the Bronx Music Heritage Center Lab‘s Bronx Rising! event focuses on the exploration and celebration of the Bronx’s Jewish roots with a screening of the 2012 film Hava Nagila, a Hora dance lesson, and  a performance by Zion80, a band that plays Jewish music infused with Afrobeat funk.

BMHC is located at 1303 Louis Nine Blvd. and the festivities begin at 4 pm.


Image via BMHC


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