Today is the LAST day to submit your Bronx Museum Cafe Name!

Today’s the last day to submit your ideas for the Bronx Museum‘s new cafe opening August 2. I’ve heard you guys have been sending in some really cool ones. Don’t forget that if your submission is chosen, you win a free lunch for you and five friends at the cafe. Bonus: the runner up gets two tickets to a Bronx Museum paid event.

Enter here.

Stop n’ Swap Returns to the Bronx Today!


The Spotlight: Meloncholy Hendrix

I’m really excited to share this Spotlight feature with you because as you know I love the arts and even more specifically I love people of color in the arts. Read below to check out my interview with Bronx artist Meloncholy Hendrix:


                                                                     Picture courtesy of Meloncholy Hendrix

On your gallery site, you mention that you are heavily influenced by form and many of your drawings feature the female form specifically. Could you elaborate a bit on why that is and why it is important for a variety female forms to be represented in art?

Form really…is ever changing so, you can’t ever own the concept of it because it will have changed already. I guess what I’m saying is, simply, I love the beauty of change. Woman’s form is especially important because of how society views it. Magazines and other forms of media can make it difficult for different female body types to be accepted. So I believe in art it’s important for all shapes and sizes of woman to represented equally. I try to do that as much as possible.

How would you say living in the Bronx has influenced your artwork?

Well, living in the birthplace of Hip-Hop has many perks. The best is the creativity. The Bronx thrives off of creativity. I’m constantly surrounded by different kinds of music, dance, especially street art. The colors and sounds soak in deep in my mind. I always see pieces of it when I create. It’s like leaving bread crumbs in my work leading onlookers to where I come from.

What insight do you hope viewers gain for viewing your work?

That’s actually a tough one. Well more than anything I want them to freely ingest a new kind of style. Take a different insight into pen and ink art. See pen and ink art as seriously as painting or sculpting. Also, a new outlook on women. Not only as artist but, in art. For us to be taken more seriously. Especially black women in art.

What are your thoughts on the growing art scene in the Bronx?

I swoon at the fact that there is art growing out of my beautiful borough. I’ve been starving for it for so long and finally being feed is amazing! I think it’s long overdue for the Bronx to rise from the ashes of New York City’s past. Other sections of NYC are bring back the creativity like Brooklyn and The L.E.S. I hope the momentum doesn’t stop.

What do you think is missing or could be improved in the Bronx’s art scene?

What’s missing the most really is coverage. I’m always online and such checking the pulse of the art world and I don’t see the mass documentation of Bronx’s art scene as they do Brooklyn’s and Manhattan’s. It’s disappointing. I want more media outlets here to show our great and beautiful talent.

What are your top 3 favorite places in the Bronx?

EASY! Bay Plaza because of course, it’s a shopping center. I have amazing memories of going there. Van Cortlandt Park. It’s vastness and beauty Is breath taking. Oh! I love hiking there as well with my Fiancé. Last but not least, City Island because, well, seafood.

Any upcoming project or events we should look out for?

Yes, I’m being featured in a RawArtist showcase called RAW:NYC Presents:Glimpse. It’s July 23 from 7:30pm -11:30pm. It’s being held at the HighLine Ballroom. To buy tickets to come see my work they can go to I encourage all to come out!

Soundview Farmers’ Market Opens Today!

Harvest Home Farmers’ Market is opening its ninth location right in Soundview offering up fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nutrition information.

From Harvest Home:

The ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the Soundview Farmers Market will take place on Saturday, June 20, 2015, at 11 a.m.This new market, located at Morrison Avenue between Harrod Place and Westchester Avenue in the Bronx, will serve more than 60,000 residents, including approximately 10,000 SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/food stamp) recipients. The market will offer farm fresh fruits and vegetables from Alstede farms, a New Jersey grower, and Caradonna Farms from Marlboro, New York.


Harvest Home will also be launching its “Eating for Good Health” mobile app, which enables local residents to search for recipes, ingredients, and grocery items available at the market that match their personal dietary restrictions and food preferences.


Having a farmers market in this area has been a long held dream of Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo (D- Bronx, 85th AD). And he, in conjunction with other New York State and New York City Elected Officials from the Bronx heartily welcome Harvest Home Farmers market to the Soundview community. Assemblyman Crespo noted that, “Healthy eating habits promote overall healthy lifestyles, which is why I am excited about welcoming Harvest Home Farmers Market to Soundview.” He pointed out that “Bringing in an array of healthy and organic produce to our community, in an affordable way, enhances healthier choices for both adults and children.”


Council Member Annabel Palma (D-Bronx, 18th Council District), a big supporter of the market stated, “I am excited to have a new farmers market in the Soundview section of my district; now my community will have better access to healthy food. I firmly believe that, when given the opportunities, New Yorkers want to eat healthy – they simply need to be provided the option.”


To encourage residents to shop at the Soundview Farmers Market, Harvest Home is partnering with the Institute of Family Health through its Bronx Health REACH program to issue Fruit and Vegetable Rx to its patients at the Stevenson Health Center. The Rx can be exchanged for Health Bucks at the farmers market to purchase produce. Bronx Health REACH’s Director Charmaine Ruddock notes, “The Soundview Farmers Market represents a significant win for the Soundview community looking to buy fresh, farm grown produce in their neighborhood. With the Bronx having some of the highest rates of diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes in New York State, the Soundview Farmers Market will provide a means for making fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable for local residents.”

Win Free Lunch for You and Five Friends! Enter the Bronx Museum’s New Cafe Naming Contest

On July 15, the Bronx Museum of the Arts will be opening a new cafe. The cafe offers a space for visitors and residents alike to relax and chat over coffee, sandwiches, salads, and wine (!) Another cool feature of the cafe is that the museum is partnering with Fountain House, an organization that aids in the recovery of men and women with mental illness, providing learning and work opportunities.

Lisa, this sounds so wonderful, what’s the name of this new cafe, you ask? (let’s pretend you did.) Well, that’s up to you.

The museum is holding a contest to give the community a chance to bestow the new cafe with an awesome name. Click here to submit your ideas. 

In addition to being able to brag about how you named the cafe, if your submission is chosen, you will win a free lunch for you and five friends. The runner up will receive two tickets to a Bronx Museum paid event.

Pedestrian Safety in the Bronx

I love walking. I could walk anywhere if I have a decent pair of shoes and the time to spare. It’s such a great way to get a feel for a neighborhood and of course, the exercise is a plus, too. So when I heard about the Walk Safer NYC accident map I was intrigued. I also am a geek for infographics and data because of this one sociology class I took my freshman year of college. Anyway, the site breaks down the most dangerous intersections in the city, contributing factors of the collisions, vehicle type, and so forth. I learned that the worst intersection in the Bronx is Webster Ave. and East Fordham Road, which I cross at least once a week. :( Go on and check out the site and see if there are any of those terrible intersections near you! Let’s advocate together for safer streets for us all.

Walk Safe Map

Sunday Lunch at Burrito Shop

Spent this gorgeous Sunday exploring Van Cortlandt park. Having lived on the other side of the Bronx for so long, I still have yet to really get to know the park, though I look forward to getting the chance this summer. During my excursion, my friend Anthony and I stumbled upon Burrito Shop. I can never say no to Mexican food, so we strolled in.

It’s a small, casual spot with a menu that offers burritos (duh), tacos, taco and burrito bowls, and an impressive array of vegetarian and vegan options. I opted for a grilled chicken taco bowl, while my friend ordered a grilled steak burrito. The grilled chicken was lightly charred the way I like and had guacamole, beans, lettuce, and tomato. I threw on some medium hot sauce (I don’t play with that extra spicy green sauce. No thanks!)  and the flavors melded together perfectly. Bonus, the taco bowl itself was under $10. Take that, Chipotle.

Bottom line: Was it better than my all time favorites, Taqueria Tlaxcalli and El Nuevo Tenampa? No, but their vegetarian and vegan options and proximity to the park make this place a winner.

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